Real-time Strategy Mobile Game Minions & Mayhem Launching Soon


Dear Players,

We are excited to announce that, with the cooperation with NetEase Games, our first Real-time Strategy title, Minions & Mayhem is going to launch soon!

Aiming to recreate the fun of Real-time Strategy with the mobile experience, Minions & Mayhem challenges your strategic planning and decisive execution. Over 60 distinct units, each has unique set of skills. Your customized combinations enable the countless possibilities.

Game features:

Old School RTS Gameplay with Mobile Experience

Deploy your resource collectors and protect them. With an adequate supply, you can create a massive army. But size of your troops isn’t everything, the formation and choices of units are also the key factors for a victory. Micro-management of your heroes cuts you an extra edge on the battlefield!

Strategic Combinations of Units and Skills

Assemble an army with heroes of all classes - knight, wizzard, sniper, priest, ninja, etc. Support them with minions from all races - human, orc, undead, mechanic, elemental! Your choice of unit combination will have unique strength but at the same carry a weakness.

Real-time Battle around the Globe

Find a match from anywhere in the world. Join a guild and meet new people. Challenge other people or team up with them in 2v2 battles!

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Minions & Mayhem Team