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      Autumn and September, the harvest season has arrived, and festivals are especially plentiful. Thanksgiving Teacher's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and the Eleventh Anniversary. Gifts are also very happy. Careful people may find that most of the gift boxes on the market are covered boxes.

      PS: The cover of heaven and earth refers to a box style. The cover of the carton is "heaven" and the bottom is "earth", so it is called "heaven and earth". Tiandi Cap, also known as Tiandi Box, is widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes.

      In fact, the general gift boxes have book boxes, drawer boxes, sky and earth cover boxes, and so on. Why do you use sky and earth cover boxes for mobile phones, zongzi and moon cakes?

      The same size of box customization process, generally speaking, the cost of the sky and earth cover gift box is cheaper. The structure of the gift box is relatively simple. It is suitable for various printing methods in storage and transportation. This is also a cost factor that gift packaging manufacturers need to consider. Generally speaking, the production of popular gifts is very high. The cost of a package box is 1-2 yuan different. Generally speaking, the cost is considerable.

      The production efficiency of heaven and earth cover box is high. Generally, the automatic production line of heaven and earth cover box machine is adopted to meet the large-scale demand of packing box. At present, some of the more complex boxes in the market still use semi-automatic or manual lines, and the cost of production and management is relatively high. Compared with the traditional manual production, the production efficiency of automatic production line is 30 times higher, and it is easy to shape, which reduces the occupation of transportation and storage space, and significantly improves the economic benefits of logistics and warehousing.

      Gift box packaging sometimes not only looks at the gorgeous style, but also considers its production efficiency, quality safety, storage and transportation.


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