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      Electronic products are related products based on electrical energy, including mobile phones, computers, game consoles, cameras and so on. Electronic products are delicate and fragile. They can't fall or collide. If you don't pay attention, they will be damaged. Therefore, besides being exquisite and generous in appearance, the packaging of electronic products must comply with the following design points:

      1. Dust and other impurities pollution and static electricity can be avoided through the outer box, the commonly used sky and ground cover and book box sealing are better, as long as the workmanship meets the standards, how long can achieve the desired effect.


      2. High temperature environment will also lead to the instability of some parts of electronic products and affect their use. This can not be solved by packing alone. It has a lot to do with the place of storage. When we deliver the goods, we will pack them in corrugated containers for transportation and storage.

      3. Circuit boards are most afraid of being damp and easy to short circuit, or the oxidation of metal interface requires that the packaging boxes have the function of moisture-proof. Generally, cartons will be covered with film or sealed with a plastic film outside, which will play a role.


      4. There are many and precise parts of electronic products, so they can not be strongly collided and extruded. Then the packaging material must be cardboard, the thickness of which reaches a certain level. The lining can play a fixed protective role and will not cause collision and shaking in the box.


      These key points must be considered and solved when designing the packaging of electronic products. In order to ensure that the products will not be damaged in the process of transportation, middle and high-end electronic products need better cushioning and shock absorption. Xinpai Packaging is a professional packaging customization manufacturer. It is our goal to provide the best service for every customer who needs packaging.


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