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      In practical printing, we often encounter the phenomenon of impractical printing. In the past, we first considered the problem of printing pressure and paper. When adjusting printing pressure can not solve the problem, we can only change the paper. But this not only increases the cost of printing, but also delays the production cycle. In the following two examples, we have fundamentally solved this problem by adjusting the printing process.

      Example 1: In actual production, we often encounter 30%-50% magenta plate and 100% blue plate overlapping on the blue field. Because the paper quality is not good, the Red Net blossoms often occur, and the problem of using good paper can be solved. It is obvious that paper is the main cause of this failure. But can we solve this problem by adjusting the process? Through analysis, the conventional color order of printing is black, blue, magenta and yellow.

      The magenta screen should be superimposed on the newly printed green field. In order to prevent stripping, the stickiness of magenta ink was reduced and the stickiness of green ink was increased. The problem remained unsolved. Although the effect of using imported ink is better, it is still unsatisfactory. After analysis, because the four-color machine is wet and wet, the transfer effect is worse when printing another color ink on wet ground,?? Ink transfer rate is low, try to change the printing color order of magenta and green, first print magenta screen, so that magenta screen can transfer 100% to paper, the transfer rate is the highest, and more than half of the field area of green plate can also be directly transferred to paper. On the other hand, the printed matter printed in this way is very uniform, and the problem has been fundamentally solved, even if the paper with poor quality can be printed.

      Example 2: Once, 150 g/m2 offset paper was used to print the book cover, which had a large area of green field. When looking for rules, we use copperplate paper, which is very plain on the spot. When using 150g/m2 offset paper, the phenomenon of blossom on the spot is serious, and increasing printing pressure is ineffective. It is obviously due to the rough surface and poor ink affinity of offset paper.

      Because of the poor ink affinity of the paper in the second group and the poor combination with the ink, the blue ink on the printing will be stripped off part of the rubber cloth in the latter two groups. So will single-Print blue ink print plain clothes? We separated the remaining color groups of the machine and printed only cyan, which resulted in a very flat printing field. So we adjusted the printing color sequence, put the green plate in the last group, and troubleshoot printing and hair.

      Through the above two troubleshooting examples, it is found that printing color sequence has a great influence on ink transfer, especially wet multi-color printing. It is necessary to adjust printing color sequence flexibly according to different movable parts.


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