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  • Werewolf Haug

    Beastial Hero

    Although Haug is the winner of the wrestling championship in Leo, he admires the wisdom of Sagittarius. When they were attacked by Scorpio, Haug offered his help and saved Creator's life.

  • Sniper Wildcat

    Human Hero

    Daughter of a general in Virgo, but she was fond of the firearms made in Libra. She became the leader of the Musketeers Squad of Virgo.

  • Exterminator Michael

    Mechanical Hero

    Michael was the Chief Mechanic of Libra, and was known as the Genius One. His title was revoked for studying war machines in private. However, the general of Libra saw the potential of Michael’s research and helped him continue his work. Eventually they proved useful during the war with Scorpio.

  • Phantom Ukyo

    Spirit Hero

    Ukyo was born in a family of craftsmen, but he became interested in the dark magic. With no hope of changing him, his family had no choice but sent him away from home. When he came back, he found out his family was slaughtered, he then swore to revenge them by all means.

  • Morphing Girl Carrie

    Spirit Hero

    Born as the second princess of Sagittarius, Carrie was raised as the guardian of the Star Crystal. She is the one with the most experience using The Artifact’s power.

  • Allure Queen Lilith

    Human Hero

    Chief Dragon Slayer in Capricorn, lost her fiancé during the Pegasus invasion. She then set on to her revenge.

  • Creater Kreios

    Beast Hero

    An elder of Sagittarius, wise but arrogant, not even the King can command Kreios. He has a low opinion of Leo and refused to offer help when they were attacked. However, after he was saved by Haug, his view towards Leo ameliorated.

  • Dynamo Watt

    Mechanical Hero

    It is usual to build robots to participate in ball games. Watt was the best player ever made, when the designer lost his son during the war, he modified Watt to be a war robot.

  • Dark Lord Adams

    Spirit Hero

    Once a princess who enjoyed martial arts, Adams died young, at an accident. Her body was then preserved in the ever frost ice. When Pegasus emerged, the ancient power awoken, and revived her as a Dark Lord.